Mining Management in Afghanistan: Opportunities, Challenges, Constraints and Strategies for Correct Use of the Mineral Resources of the Country




Mining Management, Mining and Sustainable Development, Exploration management, Mine Planning, Infrastructure and Soft infrastructure


Despite the superiority of widespread mineral resources located throughout Afghanistan,
minimal large-scale development of these resources has taken place during the 20th and 21st
centuries. The main reason has been a number of important constraints and Challenges that
have not yet been removed.
Considering that mines as national property belong to all citizens of the country and every
person has equal rights in it. Mines play an important role in the self-sufficiency and
economic development of countries. Therefore, researching and examining the challenges and
problems that the country's mines face is of special importance and urgency and needs to be
researched. In writing this article, an analytical-descriptive method has been used, which is
supplemented by authoritative books on mining management, reports of the Ministries of
Mines and Petroleum, tax, economy and media on the state of the country's mines, news,
magazines and reviews of articles related to this topic from Nationally and internationally
valid journals. As a result of major challenges and constraints facing the country's mines such
as weakness and lack of expertise in various management sectors including planning,
leadership, organization and supervision at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and related
mining institutions, there was still no soft infrastructure (security, rule of law, corruption,
environmental issues, information and human capital) and the lack of infrastructure
(electricity, transport, land and water) are among the most important issues that have
hindered the growth of mining processes such as: exploration, development and proper
exploitation of mines and substandard and illegal extraction. Taking into account the
mentioned challenges, using solutions such as: creating the necessary infrastructure and
superstructure in the mining sector and observing the long-term goals of sustainable
development for the proper exploitation of the country's mines has been proposed