The Role of Solar Energy in Reducing Cost of Residential Users




Energy, Solar panels, Natural resources, Residential unit, Cost


The use of natural fossil resources in the world on one hand has caused damages to
animals and environment; on other hand fossil resources are running out, increasing
population and consequently increasing of human demands for energy resources, caused
invention of new tools and methods to use renewable cheap and harmless resources like solar
energy instead of fossil natural resources. Solar energy is used in various sectors such as
industry, agriculture and home affairs, it is said that about 40% of the world's energy is spent
on housing. Although energy is one of the resources to meet human needs and necessities, the
cost of supply and use of it, is a large consumption item for residential users. The purpose of
this study is to stabilize the cost of use, and usage of users from public energy center
(Electricity) and solar energy (Solar Panels) in residential units, this research has been
compiled descriptively and for its analysis, has been used of valid domestic and foreign
scientific sources and according to its requirements, different methods have been analyzed.
The results shows the fact that use From the energy system of solar panels to supply energy
sources in residential units, according to the weather conditions and useful life of solar
energy production devices, the cost of energy supply has been reduced by about 76%, not
only its efficiency is safe but also it is near to frugality.